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British Columbia is unique in Canada because paddlers can access mountain lakes, river runs, and saltwater bays all in the same day. 

Paddle the lakes in search of adventure.

There are more than 20,000 lakes in British Columbia ranging in size from tiny tarns in the alpine to valley reservoirs that are hundreds of kilometers long. Take your pick and dive in.

Experience the best rivers British Columbia has to offer.

From small tributaries that flow past quaint communities to the mighty Columbia, Fraser and Stikine rivers that have literally shaped the province, BC offers enough running water to satisfy every paddler.

Escape to the BC coast and experience a new kind of freedom.

Whether you prefer the exciting waters of the Pacific Ocean off the west coast of Vancouver Island or the calmer (but still exhilarating) inland passages such as the Salish Sea, British Columbia has enough saltwater to wet your appetite.

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