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It Might Not Be A Literal Loop, But This Lake Is Worth Doing A Circuit On.

Located in the beautiful Thompson Valley in the interior of British Columbia, Kamloops Lake is the ideal place for paddleboarders, canoeists, and kayakers, especially in the summer months when the cool waters beckon while the sun is shining and temperatures in the semi-arid valley hover around 30°C.

There is a lot of Indigenous history in this area and paddling tours are offered by Moccasin Trails that go into detail about the vast heritage of the region. It is also recommended paddlers visit the unique Painted Bluffs Provincial park on the north shore of the lake, which can only be accessed by water. There you’ll find distinctive multi-coloured rocks and soils on an igneous intrusion that form a stunning rainbow of colour.

Kamloops Lake stretches west from the interior city of Kamloops for 29 kilometres and is 1.6 kilometres at its widest point. It’s surrounded by what’s referred to as a semi-arid desert, meaning there are plenty of rolling hills of bunch grass and sagebrush in between the irrigated grounds of the ranches and wineries. In certain sections it’s also surrounded by cliffs topped by eagle aeries and clay hoodoos, which are towering structures of rock left over from prehistoric times when the lake levels were much higher. The lake is home to rainbow trout and paddlers can expect to see a variety of birdlife, deer, otters, as well as a high concentration of California bighorn sheep.

Quick Facts

Length: 29 kms
Season: Year Round
Style: Flatwater
Difficulty: Beginner/Easy
Access: No Access considerations for Kamloops Lake
Experiences: Canoe/Kayak/SUP – Flatwater tours available

Gear & Safety

Paddlers should carry the usual safety gear and because the Kamloops region can be very hot in the summer months, extra drinking water, sunscreen, and UV clothing should also be on hand. Also, paddlers need to be aware that winds in the region can blow up quite suddenly.

Kamloops Lake

  1. Steelhead Provincial Park
  2. Painted Bluffs Provincial Park
  3. Kamloops balancing rock and Hoodoos
  4. Six Mile Hill Protected Area
  5. Bruker Marina Boat Launch
  6. Lake known for strong winds. Ensure you have the proper equipment and skills for open water crossings
  7. Battle Bluff Hiking Trail

Paddle pros

Here are the experts who will help perfect your paddling trip.

Bruker Marina and beach
Bruker Marina & Beach Club

Bruker Marina & Beach Club is a great spot to either go boating or enjoy some family time on the beach.

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Paddle board rental
Kamloops Water Sport Rental

Kamloops Water Sport Rentals offers three different locations. From paddle boards to pedal kayaks and canoes they have something that will work for everyone!

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Moccasin Trails

In order to truly learn about our culture we felt the only way was to touch, smell, see, hear, and feel it. Our journey started hundreds of years ago but your journey will start right
now with us at Moccasin Trails.

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Paddle boarding on Heffley Lake
retail, lessons & rentals
Paddle Surfit

Located on Heffley Lake in Kamloops BC, Paddle Surfit is the perfect place to relax and escape the city with SUP and kayak rentals.

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