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Sechelt Inlet is a paddler's dream in British Columbia

Offering calm waters, stunning coastal scenery, and abundant wildlife. Beginner to advanced paddlers alike will be enthralled by the tranquillity and ecological diversity of this coastal gem.

With hidden coves, waterfalls, and ancient rainforests lining the shores, there are endless opportunities for exploration and camping. Sechelt Marine Park roughly 20 kms north of the town of Sechelt offers many spots to stop or camp at and provides endless options for short paddles to multi-day adventures. Please see for a full list of beach access locations.

Sechelt Inlet boasts a vibrant and diverse array of wildlife. In the clear waters, you’ll find various fish species like salmon, herring, and rockfish. Seals and sea lions bask on rocky outcrops, while bald eagles soar above. The kelp forests offer refuge to sea stars, sea urchins, and other marine invertebrates. Along the shoreline, you may spot black bears, deer, and raccoons and the inlet’s tidal marshes attract migratory waterfowl and shorebirds forming this stunning coastal ecosystem.

Meet the specialists Sechelt Inlet

From guides and instructors to marina owners and sales reps, here are the people who will ensure you’re not sent up the creek without a, well, you know. 

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