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kayaking, rafting & paddle-boarding tours and rentals
kayaking, rafting & paddle-boarding tours and rentals

Tunnel 49 (Mountain High Adventure)

Your 15km+ raft trip allows a unique view of the stunning scenery, cliff walls, and wildlife. You’ll enjoy *white water* rapids and, depending on the time of year ..

"Once in a Lifetime Adventure – If you ever have the pleasure to travel to Fernie you must book a whitewater rafting tour down the Elk River with Mountain High Adventures. It is a once in a lifetime experience and not to be missed."

Raging Elk Canyon

The Elk River Canyon is our most popular run, geared towards adventure seekers looking for Class 4 rapids while rafting through the stunning scenery of towering canyon walls. Always a classic, paddlers
will get the chance to go cliff jumping, spot wildlife such as bald
eagles and mountain goats, and hit excellent white-water features. The
river is great from late June to September and will have the most
powerful rapids early season before becoming more family-friendly
towards the end of summer.

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