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Kayak Fishing in BC is the Reel Deal

The qayak or kayak was invented by northern peoples thousands of years ago for hunting and fishing. So it only makes sense that we’ve come full circle and are once again using these traditional craft to take part in our modern-day fisheries. Kayak fishing as a sport is still relatively new in British Columbia but given there’s over 25,000 kilometres of shoreline in the province and more than 40,000 islands, there are plenty of fishing spots to discover.

The benefits of kayak fishing in BC are numerous. Firstly, you can access all kinds of water with a kayak, from offshore fishing grounds to shallow bays and from tight eddies on remote rivers to small, secret ponds. In fact, the maneuverability and shallow draft of a kayak allows you to tuck into the tight spaces close to rocks and kelp that fish love. Secondly, purchasing a kayak and eating a banana is a lot cheaper than buying a motorboat and filling it with gasoline. Plus it’s easier to transport: no trailer or boat launch required!

Floating across the surface of the water, enjoying the sounds of nature, lost in the beautiful surroundings of rocky coastal shoreline or mountain-side forests is a unique and blissful experience in this modern age. And you don’t have to go it alone. Kayak fishing guides can be hired throughout British Columbia on coastal waters, freshwater rivers, or any of the 20,000 lakes in the province. Before you embark, be sure to check the government’s fishing regulation pages dedicated to both saltwater and freshwater fisheries and, if you’re 16 years of age or older, purchase a recreational fishing license.

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