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Even a Short Stay Will Create Lifelong Memories

Situated at the confluence of the Fraser and Quesnel rivers, this small city is renowned for its easy access to nature. In fact, it’s not uncommon for paddlers to spot moose, otters, deer and beavers on the shorelines and in the waters near the community. Hundreds of unexplored lakes surround Quesnel as well the popular Bowron circuit, and it also offers world-class kayak fishing for salmon and trout on the nearby rivers.

Featured waterways in Quesnel

Here are some of the area’s best bodies of water to dip into.

Cottonwood River

Joining the Fraser River about 20 kilometres north of Quesnel, the Cottonwood provides both scenic paddling opportunities and exciting kayak fishing for trout and salmon.


Meet the specialists Quesnel

From guides and instructors to marina owners and sales reps, here are the people who will ensure you’re not sent up the creek without a, well, you know. 

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Big Canyon Rafting

Big Canyon Rafting offers two different multi-day expeditions along the Chilcotin, Fraser River, or Taseko.

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Rocky Peak Adventure Gear

Rocky Peak Adventure Gear has a great retail selection of different paddle sports gear & equipment.

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