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Tranquil Waters & Majestic Mountains

The Harrison River Valley beckons paddlers with its tranquil waters and stunning scenery. Glide across the glassy surface of Harrison Lake, surrounded by majestic mountains and lush forests. Explore the gentle flow of the Harrison River, teeming with diverse birdlife and the occasional glimpse of a bald eagle soaring overhead. For a more adventurous experience, navigate the serene waters of Morris Lake, a hidden gem accessible through the river. Whether seeking a peaceful escape or a chance to witness nature’s beauty up close, the Harrison River Valley offers unforgettable paddling experiences for all levels.

Featured waterways in Harrison River Valley

Here are some of the area’s best bodies of water to dip into.

Meet the specialists Harrison River Valley

From guides and instructors to marina owners and sales reps, here are the people who will ensure you’re not sent up the creek without a, well, you know. 

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