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Kootenay Paddling Paradise: Lakes, Rivers & Mountain Views

Cranbrook, nestled in the heart of the Kootenays, offers a paddler’s paradise for every skill level. Glide across the crystal-clear waters of peaceful lakes like St. Mary’s or Peckham’s, surrounded by breathtaking mountain scenery. For the adventurous, the Bull River beckons with exhilarating whitewater rapids, perfect for honing your paddling skills. Whether you seek a serene escape or a thrilling challenge, Cranbrook’s diverse waterways promise unforgettable paddling experiences.

Featured waterways in Cranbrook

Here are some of the area’s best bodies of water to dip into.

Meet the specialists Cranbrook

From guides and instructors to marina owners and sales reps, here are the people who will ensure you’re not sent up the creek without a, well, you know. 

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