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Want to enjoy some of the best paddling on earth? Since coastal First Nations began hollowing out canoes thousands of years ago, humans have enjoyed navigating the waterways of British Columbia. Today the province offers every form of paddling experience from sea kayaking and lake canoeing to whitewater rafting and river surfing on paddleboards. Explore our six distinct areas that include more than 20,000 lakes, 27 million kilometres of coastline (including the islands), and too many rivers and creeks to count. You’re guaranteed to find the water that’s right for you.

Paddle your way through each region of BC

Every corner of the province has something unique to offer all paddlers, from novices to experts.

Explore every type of paddling experience

From rafting to canoeing, we have everything we need to “wet” your appetite.

Take your paddle on a memorable dip

Whatever type of water you prefer, we’ve got the body for you, from small creeks to the Pacific Ocean.

Canoe, Experiences, Kayak, Lakes & Waterways

The Best Paddling In And Around Kelowna, British Columbia

The Okanagan city of Kelowna boasts one of the warmest climates in the country and offers incredible paddling experiences. Here are the best.

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Canoe, Experiences, Kayak, Lakes, Ocean & Waterways

The Best Paddling On The Sunshine Coast

The Sunshine Coast is Canada’s best-kept secret for paddling opportunities and it’s only a short ferry ride from Vancouver. Here’s where to paddle when you get there.

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Lakes and Waterways

The Search For BC’s Best Lake

Which body of water will win CBC’s Best Lake in BC Contest? We have some suggestions of what to vote for.

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